OneFit for Business offers the same you’re already used to, but to companies. Company sports is beneficial for a company in many ways, but also for you as an employee! You can get a discount on your OneFit Original membership of up to 50% and 100% (!!) on Lite. Next to that, you can work out together with your colleagues, join our specials for companies and more.

You therefore not only get a financial benefit if your company joins OneFit for Business but a lot more. One of the best benefits you’ll enjoy is unlimited workouts, something you don’t have with a normal membership, which only contains 16 workouts each period.

Enough reasons to take matters into your own hands as an employee and to introduce OneFit for Business to your HR-/Happiness Manager, CEO or the person responsible for company sports. By introducing them to the concept and making them aware of OneFit for Business’ benefits, which are also great for the company itself, you’re making sure to set yourself up for a nice discount!

Fill in your details and we’ll do the rest  🙌

Curious? Fill out the Typeform below with your own and the contact persons details and we’ll do the rest! If your company want to offer company sports via OneFit, we’ll make that talk happen and work out a discount for all employees.

Not only that’s beneficial for you, but you can now also do fun stuff with your colleagues outside of the office! Plan a workout together, join one of our company specials and stay fit: on and off the work floor. With a fresh mind and fit body, you’ll be even more motivated to put in the work.

OneFit organizes cool Out of Office specials, clinics for you and your colleagues and fun stuff to get your energy going and make work even more enjoyable.

So if this spiked your interests, leave your details below and OneFit will contact the right person within your organization!