We’ve certainly learned from COVID-19 hygienically: and economically, socially, politically, and philosophically to say the least. Whilst we now have a stronger hold on the spread of the virus and we’re better prepared to take on a pandemic than we were 5 months ago, we’re still working through a sandstorm.

One of the main regulations that has remained is the advice to work from home where possible.

“There is no end date to this”, said Rutte. “Despite rumours to the contrary, working from home remains the primary rule”.

For many of us, this news is a relief. If you have good working from home habits and good boundaries between your working and personal life, the freedom that working from home gives you can be incredibly beneficial. 

However, if you’re recognizing habits and routines forming (we’re talking to you, the person reading this sitting skew-wiff on your sofa), keep reading. 

“Sedentary behavior is in many ways a silent killer, and public health messages are crystal clear in promoting regular exercise and daily physical activity,” Rogerson explains. “If your remote working practices are leading to reduced physical activity, prolonged sitting, and increased screen time, then you have a trifecta of risk factors for poor health.”

So the questions are: how can we make working from home a healthier, safer, and more attractive option for our employees? And where does a OneFit membership come into all of this?

Crick your neck

The office may have an ergonomically friendly setup for a healthy posture, but it may not be the same for employees at home. 

Working from the dining room chair is okay for a few days, but any small signs of aches and pains are your body’s way of signaling that something isn’t working for you. The longer time you spend working in a place that doesn’t fully support your body and posture, the more likely chronic pain and/or inflammation can become an issue. 

Offer your employees an opportunity to resolve any niggling complaints before they become issues. With their OneFit membership, employees can visit a physiotherapy practice, take alignment-focussed yoga classes, and do specific workouts to train and strengthen back and neck muscles

A pain-free spine with yoga

Other ways to switch up your routine and support your posture is through critical alignment yoga. 

Ever been? Critical Alignment Yoga works directly on the upper back by use of a rubber strip and on the lower back with the help of the rolled-up felt mat. 

Characteristically, critical alignment yoga focuses on bodily alignment, developing strength in the postural muscles, and relaxation in the movement muscles. After a couple of lessons, sitting upright, walking, or simply bending and reaching with correct postural form comes freely. 

Want to take it even further? Create a wellbeing-centered environment in your office by organizing a yoga teacher to hold workouts in your office. It is also an idea to share a number of lessons or specific locations for employees in a Slack group every month, which they could try out and go together.


Finally, what’s good back health without a massage? You don’t need us to tell you the benefits of getting a massage. Loosening stuck muscles (due to bad posture, for example) helps your employees with those niggling complaints, helping prevent the onset of long-term issues.

OneFit for Business is again a perfect option here: we offer several partners in various cities where employees can book massages, workshops, and relaxing workouts.

So, support your health by booking yourself in for a physiotherapist consultation, a massage, or attend critical alignment yoga regularly. This is easy with your OneFit membership. Through these small but mighty means of support, employees improve their working attitude and engagement, and confidence in their employer grows: they feel acknowledged and invested in.