RPM. Ehh, what exactly?

Maybe RPM doesn’t ring a bell. No worries, we’ll gladly explain it to you (so writing this blog gives us even more satisfaction). RPM stands for Raw Power in Motion. It’s an indoor cycling workout on uplifting music. Believe us, your legs will be begging for more. You’ll take on the terrain through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. This requires 100% commitment, motivation and discipline. Yes, basically it’s the same as spinning, except that RPM can only be taught by instructors with a Les Mills license. Well, turns out that they’ve got plenty of them at Active Sports Premium Club!


Great, all that info, but what exactly does RPM do for your body? Believe us, this workout is super effective. First of all, you’ll burn a lot of calories. Seriously, A LOT. Besides that, you’ll improve your overall fitness, increase your endurance and work on the muscle strength in your legs. Another great thing: everyone can participate. You’ll work with a resistance button, to set the bike to your body and endurance level. But remember: cheating is a no go!

RPM - Active Sports Premium Club