At OneFit, we’re also working hard to offer you as many outdoor classes as possible. The teachers are enthusiastic, we are enthusiastic and so are you! However, it must still be possible to guarantee hygiene and safety during an outdoor class. How we can do this exactly you’ll read in this blog post.

P.s. Did you know that you can unfreeze your membership with a special discount? Yass, really! Through the membership settings in the OneFit app (handy if you update to the latest version, by the way) you can reactivate your membership and do classes on (outside) location and get access to unlimited online classes. Any questions? You can find the answers in our FAQ’s!

Working out is important for your health

It is good for your immune system, your stress level, your concentration, your mood, and your body in general. A strong body is much more resistant to diseases, so it is now important to exercise enough!

It makes all that working from home more tolerable if you can do some outdoor workouts couple of times a week. You’re in the fresh air, fuelling up on extra Vitamin C (also good for your resistance 🙌) and you’re recharging your batteries outdoors. To make those workouts as effective and safe as possible, we have listed a number of do’s and don’ts here.

Keep enough distance

We all know it by now: the 1.5-meter rule. During exercise, this is extra important, because you sweat and move a lot more, which increases the chance of transmission. Do you have the chance to keep even more distance? Do it! You will be grateful to yourself and your OneFit buddies as well 🔥. Many locations will also have boxes marked out on the ground, the punching bags will hang far apart and the trainers will make sure that you can keep enough distance at all times.

Bring your own

No, not booze… but your own workout gear 💪🏽! Think of your water bottle, towel, and your own mat (when possible). That way you can be sure you have clean gear and you don’t have to exchange with others – less chance of contamination. If you are forced to use some gadgets from the gym or studio, make sure you clean them properly after use. All locations will make enough disinfectant spray and cleaning supplies available so you can make sure everything is bacteria-free after your workout. Don’t have any gear in the house? You can order it here!

Stay home if you have symptoms

Do you suffer from colds, coughs, or headaches? Then stay home! This is the best way to guarantee your own safety and that of your OneFit buddies. Sports is not such a good idea if you are really ill anyway. You can read why here. Even if you belong to a high-risk group, you are advised to stay at home.

Change and shower at home

Most gyms will have closed the facilities, but we can’t say it often enough: change at home and shower at home as well. This way you can be sure that you don’t get into other people’s sweat and bacteria and you can shower in your own safe environment. Then you’re not only safe for yourself, but also for your fellow human being. Together we are strong!

If you want to know more about outdoor sports and the measures, please consult the RIVM website.