Yes, it’s outside. No, you’re not gonna complain.

The city as a playground, that’s how The Bootcamp Club sees it. We can’t agree more. The Amsterdamse bos, Beatrixpark, Oosterpark, Sarphatipark, Sloterpark and Vondelpark… They’ll take you anywhere. Gotta love it. Yes, that’s right; you’ll always train outside. ‘Low intensity’ doesn’t mean ‘for sissies’. The workouts are always a go, unless it’s irresponsible or unsafe due to thunder for example. Of course they’ll let you know when the workout is cancelled, in case you’re inside all day with the curtains closed (hey, we won’t judge).

Low intensity

Low intensity, what does that mean? It means no pressure from super fit girls/boys, but working out with people that train at the same level as you. It means starting up easily and gradually bringing your body back to a healthy level. So no killer workout where you’ll go beyond your own boundaries, but taking your physical (and mental) abilities into account. Including enough moments to rest and, if necessary, sufficient explanation about the exercises. This way you will be slowly prepped for the more advanced bootcamps. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


Does ‘super fit girl/boy’ apply to you? And did you think while reading: ‘Well, this is gonna be an easy workout for me this weekend’? Yeah, this is not the group you belong to and we’re not gonna let that happen. Instead, you’ll join the medium or high intensity bootcamp workout. Yep, that’s also possible at The Bootcamp Club. Bummer 😉