Working out together gets you that extra bit of motivation, which can help you reach goals you haven’t even dreamt of. We took a look at some OneFit app stats and guess what? OneFitters with buddies are less likely to cancel their workouts. But there’s more. 

More friends = more workouts

Members who added friends in the app, are joining 20% more workouts than members that don’t have #onefitbuddies. Only logical, since your best friend won’t let you hang out on the couch all day with your hangover.

3 is not a crowd

The average number of friends in the OneFit app is three. You can go and do a group workout or go for single workouts with each and every one of them. How much fun will it be to try new things and get even more joy out of your workouts? 

Half a million friend requests

Motivating each other and working out together is serious business amongst OneFitters. There have been sent 500.000 invites already. Ehm, wow. Keep it going!

20% of OneFitters don’t have any friends in the app yet

Are you still a lonely trooper on OneFit? Well then, get socializing like crazy and add them friends. If you’re lost on how to do that, just read this OneFit hack. Are you looking for some brand new OneFit friends outside of your own network? Check the Facebook community for your city.

OneFit spots for working out together

Amsterdam – ApenkooiGym Amsterdam, Amstelpark Padel, Flevoparkbad
Rotterdam – RDAM GYM, Skate Fever Roller Disco, Padel-Only Academy
Den Haag – Bootcamp Team Den Haag, The Shore, De Gymnastiek Fabriek
Utrecht – Boulderhal Energiehaven, KICKTHIS, De Workout Club