Bikram yoga, Hot Fusion, Core Power, Hot Pilates and so on. Hot Yoga exists in many forms, but it all has one thing in common: it’s warm! And you sweat. But.. it’s great and good for your body.

Why HOT Yoga?

Studies have shown that Hot Yoga helps with flexibility, fitness and strength. The room is mostly heated up to 40 C degrees and quite humid, which is why you sweat more than normal. This is good for a faster drainage of toxins for example. Please note: it’s super important that you hydrate well, because you lose more fluids.

Got curious about it yet? Good! We have a lot of nice spots for you, where you can try Hot Yoga or continue your practice with your OneFit membership. From Vinyasa Flow to CorePower to Hot Pilates: we’ve got it all.

Our hottest studios

Studio 191 West in Amsterdam offers Hot Yoga since short: their schedule bursts of Hot Pilates, Warm Barre (hello booty) and Hot Core workouts for example. The studio is heated, which means there are more cardiovascular aspects in your workout: it boosts your metabolism, you burn more calories and it improves your blood flow.

Other nice spots for Hot Yoga, Pilates and Core are Equal Yoga on the Rozengracht or in Amsterdam East, or Movements Yoga. Especially because these studio’s are beautiful and give you a zen mood the moment you walk in, it’s nice to try out a Hot class here. At Equal they teach Hot Fusion for example, which is a mix of Hot Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow!

Good for body and mind

If you’re looking for relaxing Hot Yoga in Rotterdam, you need to be at Hot Yoga Place. If you need a bit more challenge, try a Hot Pilates, Hot Small Group Training (not yoga, but kicks *ss) or HOT POWER FLOW class at SoulStudio 010. The workouts are based on strengthening your muscles, joints and the connective tissue. Good for body and mind!

Another style that has always been popular (duh, it’s the trendsetter of Hot Yoga) is Bikram Yoga. Bikram Choudhry has invented this in India, consisting out of 26 set movements and breathing exercises. Studio Bikram Yoga Den Haag dedicates all it’s classes to Bikram Yoga and it’s very popular. For the somewhat calmer Yin Yoga alternative, Urban Life Health Centre is your place in Den Haag to go.

Hot Yoga in Utrecht and Haarlem

There’s also a Bikram Yoga studio in Utrecht and we love it! It’s completely focussed on Bikram Yoga, so for other styles of Hot Yoga you could try our other hotspot: Yoga Moves Hot! The range here is big, from Warm Pilates to Hot Vinyasa Core and from Yoga Moves Hot to Warm Yin.

Last but not least, we also have a beautiful studio at sea near Haarlem, to get you warm and excited about Hot Yoga. Touch of the Sea is a small-scale studio in Zandvoort with a warm breeze: the studio is heated up to 30, 32 or 40 degrees. It offers the perfect hideaway to try some Basic Flow, Yin Yang Yoga or Bikram Yoga.

Sweat and Joy