Whether we want to lose fat, tone up or make those gains – finding a new enjoyable workout helps to keep us motivated to achieve our goals. Have you heard? One of the newest celebrity workout crazes is Piloxing – ladies this one for you, listen up.  This calorie crushing workout was founded by Swedish dancer Viveca Jensen. The Piloxing workout was designed for especially women and it will make you strong, lean and feel totally sexy. Caught your eye? Read on…


What is it?

Piloxing is a cardio interval workout fused with elements of boxing, Pilates and dance steps. Although, Pilates movements to dance music may seem odd at first, it’s actually a motivating combination. Firstly, it uses core strengthening from Pilates and combines this with upper cuts and jabs from boxing, and then adds in dance moves from ballet, hip hop or even salsa. This powerhouse workout has been specifically designed to tone different muscle areas while sculpting your figure to the max. Therefore, it’s a workout that’s accessible to everyone and you don’t need to have any specific technique to try it. Additionally, Piloxing stands for empowering women to gain confidence by training together, so you can train and feel confident in your own skin. It’s the new, hot way to keep fit!


The benefits of a hard core Piloxing workout are pretty impressive. Not only does it make your arms firmer from weighted arm movements, but your core gets a harsh workout of its own. Having a strong core benefits your posture, alignment and helps support strength and flexibility. Plus, Pilates movements strengthen your muscles without bulking ,so you can get that sleek toned look. Additionally, an hour of interval training is a mega fat burner so you could shred well over 500 calories, you know what they say – the more you put in the more you get out.

Where can I try it?

Unleash your inner tiger and try out Piloxing at our one of our locations. In Amsterdam at Dans Dansen or In Den Haag at Dansacademie Den Haag. Want to know more? Check out Rosalie’s blog post about Piloxing in The Hague and watch our video below for a taste of Piloxing. Don’t forget to bring along your workout buddy – send them a workout invite in our OneFit app and train together!