Ode to the female body

Maybe you are already familiar with this new yoga form. Maybe not. Maybe you now see yourself meditating naked. Or maybe you’re just a little prudish. Hey, it’s all allowed (we’re talking about your thoughts, not about meditating naked here). But to manage the expectations, we’ll explain what you can expect. YoniYoga at Rasalila teaches you to move deep inside you own female body through movement, breathing, focus, sound and touch. The focus lies on your hips, breasts, vagina, uterus and ovaries. Expect more (self-love) meditation and visualization and less downward facing dogs. Your feminine energy may flow completely, because YoniYoga is in complete alignment with the cycles of the moon and the cycles of the inner feminine energies.


Teacher Marianne will guide you through the class with love. Nice fact: she is the creator of this form of yoga. In the past ten years she has travelled a lot and has been inspired by different cultures. Now that her nomadic life is on hold, she wants to share her inner wisdom with other women. Do you find it all a bit exciting? We get it. But Marianne will help you and your yoni get through it.