You adjust your food to your mood, so why should your yoga practice be any different? Yoga is for all year round. Whether it’s a fiery flow or grounding asana (pose), finding the right practice at the right moment will do wonders for your body inside and out.

During the warm summer months, a hot, intense yoga flow might not be what your body needs. In autumn, a slower form of yoga could give you the glow you’re looking for. Fluidity or stillness, as the leaves fall to ground this season, we can question whether we feel grounded within ourselves.

A slow Yin practice allows you the time to breathe deeply and reconnect with the elements around you, so you feel calm and at ease. Alternatively, Hatha yoga roots you to the earth with deeper asanas elongating your muscles and releasing any tension.

To lift your mood and give you inner peace, a slow meditative form might a good choice for these darker evenings. Or an Ashtanga class will give you a solid yoga understanding, as you move slowly through warriors and seated poses.

There’s no doubt that by listening to the elements and your body, you will find a practice that will help you relax this season. The best part? Ending every practice in savasana. Find yourself in total euphoria as you try not to fall asleep. Sounds good, right? We think so.


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