The secrets are out. We’ve gathered some top tips straight from our HQ to make sure you maximize your OneFit Membership fun. After all, it wouldn’t be worth investing in a sports membership if you didn’t get the most out of it.

Spread your wings

Work in Amsterdam and Live in The Hague, or vice versa? With an Amsterdam membership you can workout in ALL OneFit cities. Now that’s a heck load of workouts. Search for workouts before you head home for the day. Each city is unique, so there are plenty new classes and gyms to discover.

Check back later

Can’t get a spot in the yoga class? We get it, you love this class and so does everybody else. We’ll let you in on a secret: new classes go up during the night, so wake up early to get your spot. If you’re not an early riser, all is not doomed. You can always check back eight hours before the class is due to start. Chances are, someone can’t make it and that’s great news for you.

Skip class

There is more to OneFit than just fitness classes, so why limit yourself? Trade gym time for some spa time or cryotherapy, ice skating or even a game of football. Take a day out from crunching your abs to death and invite a friend along to something different. If you browse classes thoroughly, you might find something surprising.

Ditch that class

Is your weekly routine getting a bit samey? Whether you notice it, your body will get used to the same workouts. So leave your usual workout and book a boxing class, ballet class or go swimming. If you really can’t live without your faves, you can always go back, but OneFit is about the best of ALL worlds!

Befriend a teacher

Every teacher has a different vibe and some just light up the room – it’s no wonder we’re drawn to certain classes. So spark up a conversation with your idol and ask if they teach classes anywhere else. A lot of teachers give classes at multiple studios and gyms, sometimes even other OneFit venues. You never know if you don’t ask.

Master several skills

A new skill is never a bad thing. Whether it’s Olympic weightlifting or exotic pole dance, by attending a weekly class you’ll build up a solid technique. The great thing about being a OneFitter is you can be a pro yogi, pole dancing expert and dedicated CrossFitter all in one. Multitalented doesn’t even cut it. So find sports you like and master them!