Use these six arguments and you’ll be golden. Before you know it, you’ll be working out surrounded by nothing but OneFit buddies.

A buddy workout is fun

Can we play Captain obvious for a sec here? Working out with friends is just way more fun. Everything done with besties gets you smiling. Even working out becomes a comedy movie.

Keep on going, mate

Friends that start a workout journey together are more likely to keep it going than those who do it alone. So, what are you waiting for?

Better results

Did you know you’re likely to try harder when working in a team? This is probably due to you being a nice person, but also to the fact that you don’t want to suck in comparison to the rest of the team members. Nobody wants to be the loser, right?

No stress

Your regular workout is already working wonders for your stress levels and mental health. Put a couple of friends into the equation to max out the benefits of endorphins even more.

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Besties that sweat together, stay together

When working out together, chances are high you’ll be making the same movements for about an hour. Since mimicry is one of the best things you can do bonding wise, you can do the math now. Winning!

You can win fun getaways

Yes, that’s right. You can win a weekend trip just by doing a buddy workout. When? This summer. Where to? Barcelona. How? Read all about it here.

So, ladies and gents: keep your friends close, keep your #onefitbuddies closer. Curious about which OneFit buddy workouts not to miss out on? Read our tips here.