Together with OneFit Presents teacher Rens you’ll run yourself fit and energetic again after sitting at your desk for half a day already. From June 4 on, you can work out for an hour every Thursday in June, enjoy a delicious poké bowl to go with a refreshing drink afterward.

Energetic and satisfied back to work

RunForLunch can be taken very literally because, after your run workout with Rens, you’ll also get a super healthy poké bowl from Poké Perfect and a drink from Vitamin Well! Completely free. Wondering what you need to do? An hour of exercise during working hours… That’s it!

How does it work?

1. Sign up for one of the workouts via the OneFit app. The RunForLunch takes place every Thursday in June! Check Rens’ schedule.

2. Meet at Poké Perfect at 12:30 (Kinkerstraat 71A), where you’ll get an awesome lunch to take home after your workout too. (Please note: you can leave your stuff here, but can’t take a shower. Also, get dressed at home)

3. Sweat and Joy! Not too fanatic by the way, you still have to be able to work after this of course.

4. Take your lunch home and enjoy!

5. Back to work.