Like you’re in a video game, that’s how you’ll feel when doing this workout. During PRAMA you make use of an interactive floor and wall. It’s all happening beneath and around you. Images, sounds, sensors, LED lighting… Circles, lines, buttons… Running, jumping, squatting, push ups. You’re going to come across all of it. During the PRAMA workout you’ll be all over the place. A high dose of fun at Trend Fitness = guaranteed.

Easy? You wish.

A high dose of fun does not mean you can discuss your weekend plans with your OneFit buddy. Nope, this is a serious full body workout. HIIT, even. And Trend Fitness takes it to the next level by making it a strength circuit workout as well. You’ll use kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls and/or elastic bands. Your core, glutes, legs and arms will thank you later. And you’ll thank us. You’re welcome. 😉