A Gymnast at heart

My name is Nicole, I was born in Poland and I’ve now been in The Netherlands since 2011. I started doing gymnastics when I was five, but at the age of 12 I broke my wrist. I tore my inside ligaments and this injury was difficult to recover from , so focused on dance. I did Modern and Ballet but I always liked feminine styles the best. That’s why when I discovered Dancehall and Twerking, I just focused on that. My favourite style uses a lot of flow work and is sensual, sexy dancing with heels. I just love this power of sex appeal and when I dance I can be myself – this kind of sexy animal!

Instagram star

I work very closely with an entertainment agency ‘April  M Jordan Entertainment’ who discovered me on Instagram. It changed my life, because two years ago I was planning to finish my studies and I always pushed dancing away because not many dancers make it. You can be a great dancer and a beautiful girl but if you don’t meet certain people and the right time you just will not make it. The things that are happening in my life right now are way more than I ever dreamed of. I’ve danced in music videos, at festivals and I also give bookings for pole dancing. I didn’t choose to be a full time dancer, it chose me somehow.

Femininity is a weapon

With dancing, I just love this transition of women from being shy, insecure to confident and strong. When ladies follow my classes, they start to feel more confident in their body. Not only do they become more sexy, but they get more body conscious and body confident; and when you feel more confident you can present yourself better in everyday life. I think that being a women and being feminine is a weapon that you can use. It doesn’t mean every girl should just only think about being sexy and pretty but I believe that if you have the brains, the looks and the charm you should use all of them. Being confident, sexy and smart is the complete package and you should use whatever works to help you in life.

A sexy, intense workout

Deep in my heart I’m a gymnast, it pushes the body to limits and shows the beauty of the human body, so I like to keep my classes intense. I hope my Dancehall and Twerk classes are unique and something you cannot find anywhere else. You get the same workout that you would do at the gym but in a fun and sexy way.  I think many girls can feel intimidated by this, but I’ve also had many ladies come up to me after class saying they actually really liked it because they would never dare to be really feminine in the normal world. It makes them feel a way they’ve never felt before. Plus, there is always someone for the first time. So I don’t mind if you come to my class and half way through you realise it’s totally not for you and sit down. Just come and see for yourself because it’s always a great atmosphere with a great group of ladies and you have nothing to be afraid of.

Learn some smooth moves in Dancehall…

You can learn some sexy routines with Nicole Cole at Chasse Dance Studios and Pole Dance Factory. Lessons vary each week, with different kinds of styles and movements. Reserve a class in Dancehall or Twerk and let your feminine energy flow!

Written by Laura Court-Jones