Waking up in the morning sun is the best thing there is, right? Combine that early morning sunshine with a workout and – we’ll guarantee you – you’ll be wide awake in a heartbeat. Once your workout is done, you’ll be left with a full day of summer fun (sipping coconut juice at the beach for example). Nothing wrong with that, right?

The Best Morning Workouts in Amsterdam

It’s all in a name, because your day will truly be kickstarted with some serious kickboxing. The place to be for this is Mobile Gym on a Saturday morning in the Martin Luther King Park. There are also several morning workouts at Mejiro Gym by the way.

Dope Camp hosts morning bootcamps in several parks around the city. They’ll leave you with an enormous natural high for the rest of the day.

During the week you can take a dive at the Brediusbad from 7AM. On Tuesdays and Thursdays things will get fresh in the literal sense. If you know what we mean. Some other nice outdoor pools: Noorderparkbad and Flevoparkbad.


Even more water fun is to be found at SUP&Meer supschool on Saturday morning or at M&M Stand Up Paddling.

Kickstart Your Day in Rotterdam

You can find a watery outdoor wake up in Rotterdam at Zwembad Hoek van Holland, Zwembad Pernis or the Van Maanenbad. In need of some more water fun? SUPs UP and Fun Forest Rotterdam are your go-to.

Rather stay on dry land so early in the morning? We can’t blame you. At ChangeToday (Tuesdays and Thursdays), Social Fit (at several locations in the city) or Outdoor Valley Fitness (on Saturdays) you’ll get the best boot camps in da hood.

Playing ball early in the morning is fun too. Go to Tennispark Plaswijck, Padelclub Victoria and FC Urban.

A Fresh Start in Den Haag

Waking up like a real citizen of Den Haag is to be done at the beach of course. There are lots of options here; for example a sesh of summer yoga at Yoga voor Ieder on Saturday morning or a strength and conditioning workout at De Bakfiets Gym. For a beachy boot camp Live PT Fitness or Gezond aan Zee Outdoor is your holy grail. Once done, you can top all that work off with a relaxing hour of tanning, which is pretty convenient if you ask us.

De Bakfiets Gym

Catch a few waves at the start of your day and you will be woken up fo sho. No worries ’bout that, mate. Aloha Surf, Hartbeach Quiksilver Surfschool and Northstorm Kiteboardschool will provide you with some vitamin sea, in case you had some needs in that area. At Northstorm you can go SUPping and at Aloha you can go surfing. Hartbeach is for SUPping, surfing and longboarding.

You can find even more morning workouts at Yoga4Running and BOK Bootcamp Obstacle Klub.

Early Bird Workouts in Utrecht

A morning run in the morning sun. What do you want more? Go to Hardloopenergie and book a spot. Rather stretch those legs during a game of soccer? Then you might wanna move to Kicks on a Sunday morning.

Going really hard during a boot camp in the early mornin’ is no biggie in Utrecht. All you have to do is visit GetUp! Bootcamp, Kaput Training on a Saturday morning or you join one of the many boot camp variants of BuitenGewoonFit.

Is your favourite morning workout all about swimming laps or doing the cannonball? We only have two words for you. Zwembad Safari.