Working out a little during those hot summer days is not a crime, but you should make sure you know what you’re doing. That’s why we’re handing a few heatwave-workout do’s and don’ts to you which form a nice guideline to working out while it’s hot. Additionally, you’ll find the best OneFit workouts that mix perfectly well with this steaming hot weather.

DO’s & DON’Ts for working out during a heatwave

DO: Getting up early to work out
Yes, we know. You don’t feel like getting up early for a workout at all. But please, pretty, pretty please do it once? We’ll promise you, you’ll never want anything else because you experienced it yourself now: the hotness level of a morning workout is like -1000 compared to an evening workout. Plus, a morning workout prepares you for an überfit day. Hello, win-win situation.

DON’T: Go too hard
Moving when it’s hot like hell challenges your body. You probably already knew this, but do not cross your boundaries and listen to your body. Example: do not proceed when you have black spots in front of your eyes.

DO: Go creative with your workout gear
Wearing breathable clothes that are lightweight and -colored, can make a world of a difference. A hat that blocks the sun helps you to endure a workout in the heat as well.

DON’T: Burn
Yes, you should burn calories. No, you shouldn’t burn your skin. Note that a little run around the block will expose your skin to the sun just as much as an afternoon of hitting the beach. Don’t be stubborn now and just apply that SPF.

DO: Get a little cray
You don’t have to work out like you normally do, since the weather isn’t normal either. Replace your regular 10K for an interval training which is a bit shorter, so you can rest in between exercises. Your body gets a chance to cool down and you have enough time to avoid the next DON’T.

DON’T: Dehydrate yourself
Sounds plausible, but is it feasible as well? A human being should drink at least 2 liters of water a day when it’s hot. Make that 2,5 when you’re working out. Are you gonna work out intensely or longer than an hour? You’ll have to take something extra, like an isotonic drink, to supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Putting a damp cloth onto your neck might help as well.

OneFit’s best summer workouts

Alrighty then. How to work out in the heat is now a major piece of cake for you. But, where to go with OneFit? Search no more. The best heatproof workouts are here.

Swimming and tanning at the Flevoparkbad in Amsterdam
Take off all your clothes and dive into the Flevoparkbad for a couple of laps. An afternoon of romping around is fine too. Bonus: reward yourself afterward with a tan at the big lawn surrounding the pool.

Catching waves at the Surfschool in Rotterdam
Sun’s out, guns out, right? No better fit than one of Freek’s surfing classes. If you’re in possession of an extra dose of energy, then you might want to try a surf bootcamp. Surfing, yoga, running, lifting weights and breathing exercises all-in-one.

De Werkplaats

Work out at the beach at De Werkplaats in Den Haag
For all those who aren’t afraid of a little sweat during the heatwave, a session of beach fitness at De Werkplaats is like, the recommendation of the year. After all that hard work, you can literally throw yourself into the ocean for some serious cooling down.

Go outside with Buitengewoonfit in Utrecht
At Buitengewoonfit all classes are outside in the fresh air. You can choose from all-level classes, so it’s very easy to adapt the intensity of your workout to the temperature.