Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Let’s start at the beginning. You’ll wear an Electronic Muscle Stimulation suit during this workout (which you can rent or buy at ZZIIN). In fact it’s just underwear; pants and a shirt. On top of that, you put on a suit with electrodes. This suit sends electrical impulses to your muscles and nerves, which stimulates and activate them. While you are being electrocuted (just kidding – it’s all very safe), you perform a number of basic exercises. Meanwhile, your muscles are tightened and relaxed by the electrical impulses. As a result, 90% of the muscle fibers in your body contract, increasing your muscle growth and strength and stimulating your metabolism.

If you never try…

Feeling a bit nervous because you’ve got no experience at all with EMS? We get it. But you don’t need to worry. The personal trainer sets the intensity of the impulses per person (and even per muscle group). So you won’t have to deal with anything you can’t handle. Still in need of an extra push to join this workout? After this fact, we are sure that you’ll want to try it; with an EMS workout you achieve the same effect in 20 minutes as with three hours of regular weight training. Oh, yes!