Besides sports, your diet is also super important for a healthy lifestyle. It’s a choice you make every day. That’s a challenge itself, but we understand that after all that sitting at home, cooking at home, and lacking inspiration, you could use some help.

Together with HelloFresh, to celebrate the beginning of spring, we listed a number of healthy and light recipes this month. If this won’t get you in the spring mood, we don’t know what will. Read on for not too heavy and light meals – great if you want to go for a walk or bike afterward for example!

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Pearl couscous with coloured carrot and buffalo yogurt

A healthy and sweet recipe for anyone who likes a little bite. Without meat, so if you choose not to eat meat or are a vegetarian anyway, this is a winner.

Orzo with baked shallots and a fresh lemon ricotta

Lemon is an ingredient that’s really not to be missed in spring and summer. So it’s awesome, for example, to combine a light lemon taste and the sweetness of the onions in this recipe!

Couscous salad with halloumi fries

Anyone who loves cheese knows: halloumi is great. Combine it with a delicious couscous salad and you have an epic dish, which you can also take to the park, lukewarm or cold!

Tomato risotto with shrimps

Are you a fish lover? Then this dish is an amazing spring meal. The shrimp give the risotto a fresh twist, making this a good alternative for hot days!

Fresh tabouleh with chicken gyros and fresh herbs

Another deliciously fresh recipe with a generous portion of iron and proteins. A great option if you just finished exercising, but don’t feel like a heavy meal! Also handy: prep it for tomorrow’s lunch.

Roasted veggies and hummus with a twist

Served with tabouleh and pita bread, this is a perfect meal to start the weekend with drinks, for example, or as a tasty lunch in between. Yumm!

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Stay fit, stay healthy.