Heavy? You bet.

Be warned: this cross boxing workout is rather challenging. We’re not gonna sugarcoat it. But sparring is not part of this workout, so you don’t need to worry about a black eye or crooked nose (or you must be very, very clumsy). At least there’s that. So, what dó you do during this hour? Well, a full body boxing workout, including functional circuit training. Believe us; after this you’re hooked.

Tiger – all day, every day

FYI; you can find a lot of pink boxing workouts at the Boxing Company Rotterdam schedule. This boxing class is taught almost daily and is only accessible to women (that’s fun as well!). But don’t overlook the cross boxing workout, which is on Sundays. Apologies about your Saturday night plans are not accepted. This workout is for real tigers – and that’s you, 24/7.