1. Polemix beginner and intermediate at Paaldans Academy Rotterdam

We bet you didn’t see this one coming. But pole dancing is one of the hottest workouts to do (and to watch – we’re not going to pretend to be all prudish all of a sudden). So this one couldn’t miss out on our list. All right, maybe you’re not as hot to watch as you’d like to be. But hey, you gotta start somewhere right? And Paaldans Academy Rotterdam is the place to do it!

2. Hot Yin Relax Yoga at Hot Yoga Place

This one was to be expected, of course. A nice hot yoga class among our hot workout tips. This weekend we’re not going for a predictable Bikram yoga class, but for a super-relaxed yin yoga workout! Yin yoga newbie? It’s a restorative kind of yoga in which the postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes. It’s all about stretching the connective tissue. And at Hot Yoga Place, you do it in a room that is heated up to 40 degrees. Sounds good, right?

3. Fatburning Dance Workout at DPFC Gym & Dance

Whenever the word fatburning is written somewhere, you can assume that you’re gonna get hot. DPFC Gym & Dance even takes it to the next level, because in addition to overcoming that burning feeling in your muscles, you also need to keep up with their dance moves. But you’re totally up for a challenge, right? And if you are still not hot after this workout (which is quite impossible), you can go to their sauna. Just the thought of it is already making us feel quite hot…