The Essentrics workout was created back in 1997 by former ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White. By using her own knowledge and consulting with physiotherapists she created this unique fitness technique. The aim of Essentrics is to increase flexibility and mobility so you can feel happier in your own body and keep mobile for longer. Furthermore, this workout is suitable for everyone from professional athletes to seniors.


Essentrics Instructor Danielle de Wilde at MOVE//WEST

What is Essentrics?

Firstly, an Essentrics workout strengthens your muscles, improving flexibility, alignment and posture. It combines movements of Tai Chi, Ballet and Physiotherapy to create a flowy and therapeutic experience using continuous movements and dynamic stretching. Essentrics is low impact but that doesn’t mean you don’t work hard! In one session you engage and work all 620 muscles in your body – it’s a full workout! You flow in and out of deep stretches, engaging your core and opening your joints. After just one class your muscles should feel elongated and your hips looser.

What are the benefits?

Essentrics is known as an age reversing workout, it makes youu more mobile so you remove stiffness caused from prolonged sitting. Through natural movement, joints are pulled apart so fluid can move and scar tissue can be released, removing tension. Additionally, it’s great if you’re recovering from an injury because it does not tire muscles, it only lengthens and tones. Amazingly, it can eventually give you a six pack without the need for crunches! During a class you feel the tension in your muscles disappear as you deepen your movements with the music. Therefore, it’s the perfect workout after a stressful day as it leaves your body feeling revitalised and relaxed. Regular practice of Essentrics improves balance, tones muscles, and gives you a beach body!

Where can I try it?

There are many locations where you can try an Essentrics class. Classes are suitable for anyone at any age and fitness level. Try this age regenerating workout and start feeling the benefits!

Amsterdam: Shape All In, MOVE//WEST, Studio 191, Studio Anna Mora

Den Haag: FitFlow Den Haag

Utrecht: De Workout