Full of energy? Try jumping, running and flying on a trampoline. Give your weekend a twist and try a real sweat and joy workout at Jump XL Diemen!

More than bouncing

You think this workout is about bouncing on a small trampoline for an hour? Well, you’re wrong. At Jump XL you’ll get your own, huge trampoline and work on fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility for an hour. So push ups, crunches and lunges? That’s right.

Unique trampoline workout

We assume we don’t need to tell you how much fun a workout on a trampoline is. However, we will tell you about the positive effects it has on your body. First, there’s the fact that 10 minutes of jumping is equal to half an hour of running. Besides that, it strengthens your bones, improves your sense of balance and stimulates your metabolism. Last but not least: you’ll create so many endorphins that no one can ruin your weekend anymore!

Good to know

We get it, you rather not fall when it’s not by choice. That’s why it’s recommended you buy anti-slip socks at Jump XL for €2,-. All right, it’s actually mandatory. But hey, when you buy them they’re yours, so you can use them every time you visit this awesome location.

Trampoline fitness Jump XL