The days are finally getting warmer again, which means it’s time to get outside! Bootcamp is a great way to get pumped for summer and what better way to do this than outside. Training outside has a raw, real feel that the gym just cannot replace, so get refreshed and go out into the spring air. Bootcamp is a training activity and comes from old school military training. It is designed to build strength and endurance so you can face the day ahead feeling productive. It’s definitely a tough workout but are you up for the challenge?

bootcamp workout in park

What is Bootcamp Training?

Firstly, Bootcamp training can differ per instructor but it is normally a high-intensity workout with intervals. Additionally, some Bootcamps might use more aerobic and strength training while others might have a more military drill style. For example, a typical workout might use lunges, pull-ups, crunches and sprints – a mix of calisthenics.  Although, Bootcamp training can be done anytime of the day, it’s a great morning activity as it will wake you up and even make your day more productive. However, there is no fixed structure for this type of training so it’s the instructors choice on how you work up a sweat!

What’s so great about Bootcamp?

First of all, high-intensity training is an effective and quick way of burning unwanted fat which is great for those who looking to trim up for summer. Secondly, an increasing amount of research shows that training outside is great for mental stimulation, keeping us awake and attentive. Furthermore, being around nature relives anxiety and stress and provides us with fresh air and the sun (hopefully). We all know staring at the walls in the gym can get tiring, it’s a good idea to go and shake up your mind outside and soak up that vitamin D. Moreover, Bootcamp training is great for motivation, if you are lacking in this, then training in a group is something you should try. Additionally, it is taught by an instructor in a small group, so there is nowhere to hide! The group atmosphere keeps you going until the end – no one wants to be the one left behind. Anyway, a little competition isn’t a bad thing, right?

Where can I try it?

If you haven’t noticed already, this workout is pretty intense – however, that’s no reason to give it a miss. It can be a tough activity for beginners but regular practice will make you fitter, stronger and healthier. As warmer weather approaches, training outside is a great way to keep active and get a tan! There are many Bootcamp activities to join with OneFit, below are some suggestions. Train hard, in a natural environment and feel the benefits!

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