Sometimes you just feel too tired to workout. We all come across this feeling from time to time – your mind says workout but your body says chill out. The big question is, should you still workout when you’re feeling tired or stressed? There is no definitive answer to this. However, figuring out why you are feeling this way will help you decide whether you should hit the gym or take a time out.

too tired to workout

Feeling sleepy? Get up and go

There could be many reasons why you are feeling run down, but if you’re feeling sleepy, stiff and lifeless then hitting the gym could be the answer to your prayers. Even half an hour of exercise can shake up those brain cells and leave you feeling energized. Research shows moderate to vigorous exercise can increase your energy levels and reduce feelings of fatigue. Additionally, if you’re feeling a bit stressed exercise can help you work out worries and clear your mind. So if you’re slacking off your workout plans, think again because you’ll feel ten times better after a good gym session.

Completely exhausted? Give it a miss

On the other hand, if you’re feeling totally exhausted or your body aches – then resting is your best option. Gymming it when you haven’t had enough sleep can actually backfire because lack of sleep tells the brain to store fat actually making it harder for you to lose it. Plus if your too tired to workout, your training probably won’t be very effective anyway. When you’re fully rested you’ll be able to get more out of your workout and that means better results. Also, if you are seriously overloaded with stress then exercising will only take up more of your time –  focus on reducing your tasks to clear your mind before you take a trip to the gym.

Working out makes you need less sleep

Yes it’s true, regular exercise is shown to improve quality of sleep. People who exercise regularly fall asleep quickly and sleep deeper which is more restorative. This means that people who regularly exercise need less sleep to function on a daily basis! Sleep is also key for recovery and most of us need around 7/8 hours of sleep a night. This is the time your body recovers and builds strength and so if your cutting those bedtime hours then you’re just making it harder for yourself. So when you’re feeling too tired to workout, remember more exercise means better sleep!

Recover with OneFit

As well as the hundreds of classes OneFit offers, there are also wellness locations you can visit without a reservation. You can workout in the gym, dip in the pool and detox in the sauna. Be sure to make time for a wellness location in your workout schedule!

AmsterdamThe Wellness Garden, Wellness 1926

Den Haag: Amrath Kurhaus, Active Club Den Haag

Rotterdam: Wellness Centre Terbregge