Casually getting to know someone is easy in the summer. Whether you are a festival-goer or chiller, there are enough events where you might into each other. But what are you supposed to do when it’s cold outside you’re freezing your toes off? Go on a sports date together and keeps your calves and your love strong! Is love in the air? Why not decide after class..

CrossFit OneFit

1. Dodge each other

If you’re dodging each other you’re either 1. not made for each other after all or 2. fighting against one another. The second option will make your date a fiery experience. Plus, you’ll be sneaking in a full-body workout as well. From boxing to tai chi, dodging is key.

Kick This in Utrecht

Boksschool Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam

Fightclub 070 in Den Haag

Watson Sports in Rotterdam

2. I got your back

Bouldering aka indoor rock climbing, demands teamwork. While your date attempts to impress you with spiderman moves; it’s your job to watch their back. Guide them through the route and be there to catch them if they fall. Cute.

Mountain Network in Amsterdam

Boulderhal de Campus in Den Haag

Bolder Neoliet in Rotterdam

3. Break the ice

Living in The Hague or Amsterdam? Then take your date for a evening on the ice. Ice skating was already the best after school activity back in the day, but that was before you were allowed a glass of glühwein afterwards.  Ice-ice-baby!

De Uithof in Den Haag

Jaap Edenbaan in Amsterdam

4. Double trouble

Hop on the court and play some racket sports on a double date. Between matches, you’ll be able to ask for your friends opinion… are they hot or not?

PadelClub Victoria in Den Haag

PadelClub Victoria in Rotterdam

Amstelpark Tennis in Amsterdam

Tennisvereniging Linneaushof in Amsterdam

5. Ape your mate

Straight from OneFitters themselves: Apenkooien is a very good date activity. Even if your date is playing hard to get, just remember it’s probably a good sign – you did invite them to play around after all.

ApenkooiGym Den Haag

ApenkooiGym Rotterdam

ApenkooiGym Utrecht

ApenkooiGym Amsterdam

6. Unwind a bit

Bumping into your co-workers in the spa might not be the best scenario if you want to relax. But unwinding with your lover might brighten up your day. In the Jacuzzi you’ve got plenty of time to drown in each other eyes.

Kurhaus in Den Haag

International Health Spa in Den Haag

Spa Zuiver in Amsterdam

Vitality Spa en Fitness in Amsterdam

7. Namastea!

Drinking tea fuels friendship and love, especially after a yoga class because you’ll feel energised enough to listen to stories and give helpful advice. So grab a cuppa and find a cosy corner in your local yoga studio.

Bluebirds in Amsterdam

Kompassie in Rotterdam

Bodhi in Rotterdam

Yoga Moves Oost in Utrecht

8. Throw it out

Release your inner lion on the squash court. Honestly, squash is the perfect game to get to know a person’s character. Is he or she a bad loser? Now is your time to find out.

Squash City in Amsterdam

9. Rock on

So you might be thinking dancing is only fun if you’re good at it. Think again. Nothing is more entertaining than watching your date try a style that they really suck at. Try zumba, dancehall, house, African – it’s all good for your bum, legs, belly and of course, your laughing muscles.

Touchée Dance Academy in Utrecht

Chasse Dance Studios in Amsterdam

Aldeia Capoeira in Rotterdam

Dance Imprint in Rotterdam

New Dance Centre in Rotterdam