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Latin Soul Dance

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Welcome to Latin Soul Dance Studio - Where The Hague Comes to Dance!

Join the Fitness Dance Revolution
Kick the treadmill to the curb, bid farewell to monotonous gym routines, and surrender to the beat!
Is not just another dance studio; they are a fitness dance revolution.
From Zumba Fitness and Salsafit to Tahiti Fit and Afro-Caribbean Dance Workouts, Latin Soul Dance offer an eclectic mix of rhythmic bliss that caters to all ages and levels
Is The Hague’s ultimate cultural melting pot.
Led by Angela, our team of instructors come from diverse corners of the world, bringing you the crème de la crème of dance styles.
Here, each class isn't just a workout; it’s a rhythmic journey that challenges both body and soul.

What's on the Dance Menu?
Zumba Fitness: A calorie-burning celebration open to everyone—no judgments, just dance!
Zumba Sentao: Upgrade your Zumba experience with chair-based routines that fire up your core!
Zumba Step: Elevate your Zumba game—literally—with step aerobics incorporated into your dance moves.
Reggaetonfit: Boost your mood and your heart rate in this Reggaeton-powered workout.
Salsafit: A unique blend of Salsa’s intricate footwork and heart-pounding fitness routines.
Cumbia Machine Rhythm Fusion: A high-octane class where fitness meets Cumbia dance, all done in skirts! Experience a unique workoutthat's as fashionable as it is fun. Come for the moves, stay for the twirls!
Afro-Caribbean Dance Workout: Get lost in the invigorating rhythms! Experience the total bodyworkout!
Tahiti Fit: Immerse yourself in the exotic Polynesian beats and holistic wellness.
Not Just a Class, It’s a Community!

You’re becoming a part of the Latin Soul family. With regular social events and community engagement activities, your fitness journey becomes a social celebration.

Why Choose Latin Soul Dance Studio?
A Flavorful Array of Classes: Never have the same workout twice!
Total Body Workouts: We engage every muscle, so be ready to sweat it out.
Expert Instructors: Your dance aspirations are in expert hands.
Inclusive Environment: Our studio is your second home, where everyone is family.

Vibrant Community: Beyond the steps and beats, make lifelong friends and connections.
So if you're looking for a complete mind-body-soul experience on the dance floor, your search ends at Latin Soul Dance Studio.

Disconnect from the world and connect with the beat. This is your moment—let's make it shine!


Please make sure that you’re at the location at least 10 minutes before your workout.
Wear comfortable clothes and sport/aerobic shoes
For Zumba Outdoor at Sportcampus Zuiderpark don't worry about rain because we can dance down of the roof in the bicycle parking area.
Attention: Classes are at 2 different locations:
1. Waldeck Pyrmontkade 115 (next to the Swiss Sense shop)
2. Sportcampus Zuiderpark Indoor classes Gymzaal D, Outdoor class right in the main entrance of the campus.


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