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Sky Health The BOX

Multiple locations

Sky Health The Box is a new boutique gym with a high-end workout concept. By offering as many group workouts as possible, it is a place for everyone. Think of CrossFit®, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Booty workouts and more. Everyone is welcome to join the Sky Health family and this community feeling will give you an extra boost to get the most out of your workout!



If you are an experienced CrossFitter you can participate in every lesson without any problem.
If it is your first time or if you are just starting out we advise you to first follow one of our
first follow one of our specialty classes to practice the technique
(not mandatory), think of Power Lifting, Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting.

- LOCKERS When you arrive at Sky put your stuff in the lockers and wait
and wait at the Juice Bar/Front desk.

- The trainer will come and get you as soon as the class is ready.


Bring your own towel and use it while exercising.


There is a vending machine available for sports drinks and bars, pay
here with the pin.


If you have a stuffy nose, health problems or a fever, stay home if we notice
If we notice that you have symptoms and you still come to train, you will be
be expelled from the class.


Be there at least 5 minutes before class starts so you can participate in class on time.
participate in class on time, if you are late it is possible that you will have to perform penalty
burpees or the coach may deny you access.


  • Cafe / lounge ,
  • Dressing rooms ,
  • Lockers ,
  • WiFi ,
  • Shower
  • Activities

    • Crosstraining
    • Yoga
    • Functional Training

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      Multiple locations

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