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Karate | Shu Ken Ma Shi

M. van Meelstraat 1a, 3555 VV, Utrecht

Shu Ken Ma Shi is a warm yet professional Karate-Do school where you can find out all about the popular Japanese martial art form. Whether you’ve got a black belt or are a total beginner, the classes are suitable for everyone. The school not only focuses on helping you improve your self defense-skills, but will also focus on your mindset and self-confidence as well as the mind-body connection. Karate can be very mindful, which might not be what most people expect when thinking about martial arts. With the expert guidance of sensei Frans Baggen (who has achieved the prestigious 7th dan) your inner karate kid is sure to come out!

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    M. van Meelstraat 1a, 3555 VV, Utrecht

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