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Dansschool Bellyssima

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You shouldn’t follow a class at this belly dance school when you want a prettier belly, but because you want to feel prettier about yourself in your belly. Here, they celebrate femininity while searching for inner power and beauty together. One lesson you’ll definitely takeaway: you’re okay the way you are. BeYou-tifull!


Tip: don't wear sweatpants, but leggings with a belly dance scarf or a normal scarf. You can borrow the belly dance hip scarf during the first lesson from the teacher and purchase it afterwards for €10. A t-shirt that doesn't cover your stomach is not mandatory, but is of course allowed! Most people dance barefoot, with jazz shoes or socks. Pay attention to the address, classes are spread over different locations! You can join us weekly. Each week focuses on different basic techniques. In the first week of the month you learn a lot about the basic position, posture, arm and hand movements. The second week of the month you are more busy with flowing body movements. The third week, you'll be working more with the hips. The fourth week you will be playfully connected with group or improvisation assignments. The format and content may change, but this gives you an indication of what our dance lessons look like. If there's a choreography from the previous week that you don't know, don't worry, as soon as you come to take two three weeks in a row, you'll be back! Apart from all the techniques, having fun together, learning new things and feeling better about yourself are central to every lesson!


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