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Karunika Spiritual Center

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Karunika Spiritual Center Amsterdam offers a wide range of classes for everyone regardless of where they are in their spiritual practice. What makes Karunika special? The classes welcome all styles of yoga, meditation, and pranayama. As well as different movement practices like qi gong, tai chi, and martial arts. Their small class sizes allow them to support an intimate community space for more personalized transformation. They focus less on "push yourself" fitness mentalities and more on harnessing the healing power within ourselves. Their teachers hold the creative power to teach lessons from their hearts, not from a script. This allows for deeper connections with their students in a more comfortable space. They're taking yoga back to its authentic nature and you back to your authentic self! Come find the spiritual practice or set of practices that resonate with your true Self.


PLEASE NOTE: We have two studio locations across the street from each other, Meerhuizenplein 11 & 38. Please check which studio your class is being held ahead of time. The door may be slightly open so you may enter. If the door is closed please make sure to read the door sign whether you are still allowed to enter. You may ring the doorbell if the sign says the teacher is still welcoming students. You will be greeted and checked-in by the teacher.


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    • Yoga
    • Pre/post-nataal
    • Yin yoga


    • Yoga ,
    • Yin yoga

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