Now that the sun justifies your daily wine intake, you also start craving summer vibes again. You know what that means: endless dance sessions on your bare feet. Got a bit rusty? Forget about cardio and bust some moves!

Dansen met onefit

If science says so
Studies have shown dance can be a great to relieve stress and boost body image. Another plus is obviously is the body dancing shapes, and on top of that you’ll also gain core strength and a booty that turns heads. And men, you also gain some (aside from the view): a man with dance moves is a gift to all of us.

Everyone has moves
Dancing is for everyone; as long as you’ve got hips. It’s about enjoying yourself and feeling comfortable. With your membership, you can capture almost every style’s secrets.  

Fiesta latina
Latin styles are well represented in each of the OneFit cities. A great benefit to latin dance is that they really promote burning those calories. You can find a Zumba class -the dance that is taking over gyms all around the world- in every city. And maybe you’ll even find a salsa, zouk or latin house class! Also nice: give another city a shot!

Dancing around the world
In every place imaginable, people have been dancing for ages. In India, Bollywood dancers are casting a spell on millions, in Jamaica you rediscover your inner dancehall gyal, in LA you can see the best show dance performances, for belly dancing you need to travel to Morocco and streetdance is everywhere. And, did you know you can learn all these styles with OneFit? Crazier even; in Amsterdam you can even master the art of lap dancing!

Switch it up
Changing up your workout routine on the regular is great for your body. After a period of 6-8 weeks, your body usually wants you to switch it up, otherwise it gets ‘lazy’, which means physically you will respond less to exercises. Learning new moves also promotes a good memory and makes sport much more enjoyable. Besides, you will be ready to show off those flexible hips this festival season!

Try these workouts out in your city:


Brazilian booty


Streetdance gevorderden

Hiphop freestyle


Caribbean ‘wining’




Bollywood bootcamp

Samba solo

High heels


Easy moms dance

Den Haag


Tropical Dance Fiesta

High Heels



Afro intermediate

Pole dancing

Latin house

Zumba toning