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Wake-up Yoga

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Wake up, center for yoga, meditation and art of living, is a vibrant yoga studio in the heart of the Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague.

"Yoga isn't about doing difficult positions, but about being calm in all conditions"
The yoga classes at Wake up are meant to let you experience silence, peace and relaxation. And are for everyone, beginner or advanced, who wants to be busy with his or her personal awareness.
Each teacher in Wake up gives their own interpretation of yoga as an art of living. But all lessons are characterized by personal attention, small lesson groups and a relaxed atmosphere. That means: moving within your own borders, allowed to grow and come home to yourself. The classes are suitable for everyone, even if you have not done yoga before or if you have certain complaints.
You don't have to be able to do it, just be.


Doors open 15 minutes before class and close 2 minutes before class begins.
Please show up for class about 10 minutes early, so we can gently prepare for a Collective Exhale ♥
Stay at home if you're not feeling well (feverish, running nose, cough, etc.) or have been around someone who isn't feeling well.
Need to cancel? Please do so 8 hours prior to class so that someone else can take your spot.
Change your clothes at home, before and after class.

We ask you to wash your hands with disinfectant upon entering the studio and to follow the teacher's guidelines on how to enter the studio space and where to place your mat.
The toilet can be used if needed, and will be cleaned after each class.

Please bring your own water bottle, we won't be able to serve tea or water at this time.

Respect your fellow yogi's by keeping 1.5 meters distance at all times, and make yourself as comfortable as you can be on your own mat:

Please bring your own yoga mat, if you have one. If you're not able to bring a mat, please bring a large beach towel or blanket to cover one of our mats with. Our teachers will clean the mats after the class.
Bring 1-2 cleanly washed pillow cases (to cover a bolster and meditation cushion with) and a blanket or large beach towel to use during class.
If there are other props you feel to be beneficial for your practice, such as your own eye pillow, blocks or straps/belt - bring these along as well.
Your body temperature may drop during these yoga classes, as you enter into a relaxation state. You can bring a pair of warm socks and a sweater/hoody to cozy up in during Yoga Nidra/Final relaxation.

We can't wait to welcome you back in the studio!


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      Multiple locations

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