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Kruislaan 222B, 1098SL Amsterdam

Are you bouncing through the house and are you looking for an outlet? On the 670m2 of trampolines at VROG Amsterdam you can get rid of your energy for sure. Check in and bounce it off with cartwheels, somersaults, and other acrobatic tricks. Convenient: because of the vertical trampolines you can easily do a triple somersault. If you have the courage of course.


Trampoline activities: Those are done with bare feet, but if you have anti-slip socks you can wear those as well. FreeMove, Freerunning and Obstacle Training: Indoor sport shoes with clean soles are mandatory. Please come 10 min in advance of the class.


  • Cafe / lounge ,
  • Dressing rooms ,
  • Lockers ,
  • WiFi ,
  • Shower
  • Upcoming classes

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      Kruislaan 222B, 1098SL Amsterdam

      Opening hours

      Monday: 16:30 - 21:00
      Tuesday: 15:30 - 21:00
      Wednesday: 13:00 - 19:00
      Thursday: 13:00 - 19:00
      Friday: 13:00 - 19:00
      Saturday: 09:30 - 19:00
      Sunday: 09:30 - 18:00

      Reservations are required to book a lesson at this location.

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