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BodyBase Studios Hillegersberg

Multiple locations

BODYBASE BLACK LABEL: Bergse Dorpsstraat 46: Base Gym, Base Box & individual weight area
BODYBASE WHITE LABEL: Bergse Dorpsstraat 58: Base Flow, Base Yoga & Base Barre

At BODYBASE, we want to help you fit fitness and wellness into your everyday.
Effective and fun, our workouts are mostly full body, and will help you improve your balance, stronger muscles, build core, develop flexibility. We have our own reformer, the BaseLine, an innovative machine that will change the way you work out.
Whether you are looking for an energetic boost or a slow recharging pace, we've got you. All levels are welcome.
First time? Please come 15 minutes in advance so the trainer can give you an explanation on how the BaseLine works.


5 CONCEPTS to mix & match:
- BASE GYM: Our dynamic signature workout (on reformer). An epic blend of strength, high intensity training and cardio.
- BASE FLOW: Our holistic signature workout (on reformer). A fusion of the sweet science of reformer pilates and the best principles of yoga.
- BASE BOX: A fierce, adrenaline-packed training which brings together disciplines used in boxing and kickboxing. (off reformer)
- BASE YOGA: Perfect to ease your body and rebalance your mind, taking time for yourself and your body-mind connection. (off reformer)
- BASE BARRE: A ballet inspired workout, combined with Pilates and Yoga, to strengthen the entire body, achieve better posture, and elongate the muscles of your arms and legs. (off reformer)

Grip socks are needed for Base Flow and Base Gym. Please bring your own or buy our exclusive BodyBase grip socks at our studio ranging between EUR 9,50-14,50. Boxing/MMA gloves are required for Base Box. Our original MMA gloves are available for EUR 20,- and wraps for EUR 5,-. The Base Boutique also offers beautiful and comfortable BodyBase and STRONGER activewear. If you want to hang out with your friends after class and sip a detox shake, you can do so at the Health Cafe, the Studio's Fuel Bar.


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  • Cafe / lounge ,
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  • Activities

    • Boxing Sports
    • Crosstraining
    • Pilates
    • Yoga
    • Other
    • Barre

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      Multiple locations

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