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Surf's Cool!

Strandweg 150, 2586 JW Den Haag

At Surf's Cool, you'll feel the love and passion for surfing. On top of the iconic pier in Scheveningen, anyone who would like to learn how to surf or want to take their skills to the next level can join a surf class extravaganza. Experienced surf teachers will teach you the tricks of the trade and make sure you go into the water safely and with a lot of fun. The groups are small so you can always expect a lot of personal attention. Surf's Cool is a positive learning environment where the sport and a good program is key. Everyone is welcome!


Make sure you are present 10 minutes before the surfing class starts. Lockers are available on location and can be used free of charge. Don't forget to bring a towel for changing. Wear a swimsuit, bikini or swimsuit under your wetsuit. To take part in a surfing class, you can rent your wetsuit and surfboard at the location, this costs €7,50 per class.


  • Cafe / lounge ,
  • Dressing rooms ,
  • Lockers ,
  • WiFi ,
  • Shower
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      Strandweg 150, 2586 JW Den Haag

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