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OneFit Presents: Afke Reijenga

Overschiestraat 182, 1062XK Amsterdam

OneFit Presents is a new concept with special workouts, given by the most popular OneFit teachers within our community. These classes take place at hotspots in our OneFit cities to create a new experience for you as a OneFitter.

Grab your yoga mat and go for a nice yoga class outside with Afke. She brings all the joy and makes sure you can relax completely. Yoga is good for your flexibility, strength, and mindset. Afke is a worldly teacher and takes all her experiences into her classes. Prepare yourself for a nice, cheerful but serious yoga class! This yoga class is for all levels, so whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, anyone can join.


Don't forget to bring your own yogamat to class.


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    Overschiestraat 182, 1062XK Amsterdam

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    This is a reservation-only location or its opening hours are unknown. Check the location's website for more information.

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