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OneFit Presents: Lynell Koolman

Multiple locations

OneFit Presents is a new concept with special workouts, given by the most popular OneFit teachers within our community. These classes take place at hotspots in our OneFit cities to create a new experience for you as a OneFitter.

Lynell Koolman is an enthusiastic CrossFit® teacher who focuses on bodyweight workouts. Exercising safely plays a big role in his classes and you'll learn the right techniques for killer exercises. CrossFit® workouts such as handstand push-ups, double unders, pistol squats, and core strength are all covered and let your muscles work just as hard. Get ready for a workout full of energy and the fact that you have to work hard. In any case, you're going home satisfied!


You will use basic materials such as: Jump rope / resistant band / dumbells (for some workouts).

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    Multiple locations

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