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Mom in Balance | Den Haag

Multiple locations

Mom In Balance is a worldwide movement with a mission to give as many moms(-to-be) a strong and energetic basis for a healthy lifestyle in which they will be able to enjoy their family to the max. Via their outdoor workouts that have been specifically designed in collaboration with medical experts, you’ll be training in a safe and positive environment during and after your pregnancy. Gave birth (minimal) 5 months ago? Follow a Mpower full-body workout out in the open! With a variety of locations in Dutch parks, there’s always a fun Mom In Balance-community nearby.


Wear comfortable active wear and training shoes, and bring a bottle of water. The “Zwanger/Pregnant Workouts” are suitable throughout the entire pregnancy. You can start with the “Back In Shape” workouts from 6 weeks after childbirth, after approval by your midwife or gynecologist during the 6 week check-up. Our advice would be to start with the "Mpower Workouts'' at least 5 months after childbirth.

Meeting points:
Haagse Bos
Morning training: (Boslaan) At the bridge behind the bicycle storage. This is at the entrance of the Haagse bos at the Boslaan.
Evening training: (Theresiastraat 178) at the corner of the Spaarwaterstraat and the Theresiastraat.

Kijkduin - Deltaplein 200: In front of the NH Atlantic Hotel.

Ypenburg - Laan van Kans 11: Next to the handball court at the Laan van Kans in Ypenburg.

Park Vreugd en Rust - Oosteinde 3: At the entrance of the tennispark.

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    Multiple locations

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