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Taekwondoclub Martial Arts Rotterdam

Hudsonstraat 75, 3025 CD, Rotterdam

Martial Arts Rotterdam has been a flourishing sports club for 20 years already. Here you can practise Taekwondo in a professional environment. The club has been recognized by multiple national and international Taekwondo-federations. In other words, it’s a legit location to discover this Korean martial art form. During your training you will be engaging your entire body and work on your flexibility, focus, stamina, strength and responsiveness. By practising Taekwondo you’ll improve your self-discipline and confidence, and learn to respect yourself and other. This way, you can combine a full-body workout with a bit of self-improvement!


If you want to train more often, you’ll have to buy Taekwondo-materials such as a Taekwondo uniform and protection gear. It’s also possible to do an exam to get the various belts the sport recognises.

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    Hudsonstraat 75, 3025 CD, Rotterdam

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