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Taste of Yoga

Handelsplein 68, 3071 PR, Rotterdam

You’ll find Taste of Yoga in a beautiful historic location by the water. The former warehouse was built in 1875-1879 and at the time it was the most modern warehouse of its kind. Nowadays, you can practise different “flavours” of yoga on its first floor. And during the Pilates classes you can also work on your core - a vital muscle group for correcting your posture and alignment. Come taste the benefits of yoga and feel relaxed and recharged after every class!


Location: Handelsplein 68-79. Ring the doorbell downstairs (the door will be opened remotely). Go to the first floor and turn left. At the kitchen you can sign up, from there you’ll be taken to the loft for your class. The use of a yoga mat and a healthy “refreshment” after the class is included.

Group classes

  • Pilates ,
  • Yoga ,
  • Yin yoga
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    Handelsplein 68, 3071 PR, Rotterdam

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    This is a reservation-only location or its opening hours are unknown. Check the location's website for more information.

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