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Beat81 Amsterdam

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Beat81 - Group Workout you can enjoy fun HIIT and strength classes in Amsterdam (or in Hamburg, Cologne or Barcelona). The cool thing about this location is that in addition to using different weights such as kettlebells, med balls, rowing machines, and body weight exercises, you get a personal heart rate sensor. This means that you can train in your optimal training zone and you will receive your training statistics (such as how many calories you burned). This way you focus on every muscle, the class never get boring and you learn a lot about yourself.


Don’t forget your water bottle, because you are going to sweat!
PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the course is mandatory at so we can link your profile with our heart tracking sensors. Otherwise participation is not possible! If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel up to 2 hours before the start of the appointment, else the visit will be deducted from the monthly visit limit. For more information contact Nicolas +31 6 86066406.


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