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Contemporary floor & impro | All levels - Chasse Dance Studios

Friday May 18 from 18:00 to 19:30

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About the class

A beginner level class focused on floor work. Deep is using his grounded contemporary training from Egypt and inspiration from various training methods. This class will give you more awareness about the ease and efficiency of the body in and out of the floor.Come join for a refreshing floor work class focused on the interconnectedness with others and the space around us and how we can use force and gravity to propel us through space.“Floor and Flow is one of the most important elements in contemporary dance and it builds strength and stamina. The class is high energy and lots of fun and focusses on discovering our bodies’ ability in relation to the floor and gravity in the most neutral, effective and efficient way. We will go back to the toddlers and Animal sensation in relation to the floor.”


Please arrive 10 minutes before the lesson starts. Make sure you pick up your coin from the front desk after check-in to hand in to the teacher. No outdoor or black soled footwear should be worn in the studios.

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      Chassestraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam


      • Mohamed Deep
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