Let us explain…

FLOWOHY, that’s quite a mouthful. Curious as we are, we checked what it means with owner Janna. Fortunately, there is some logic in it. “F.L.O.W. stands for Fantasize, Live, Discover and Reciprocity through Cesar therapy, Haptonomy & YogAlign exercise” (of course in Dutch, the letters do match the title). Right. At YogAlign you’ll work on your posture and mood. By aligning it all (bringing it into balance), you will feel good in your own skin and after a while you’ll automatically adopt a better posture.


Sounds good right? That’s what we thought. So let us tell you what to expect of this class. YogAlign will help you improve your posture and make your body stronger. Not the yoga postures, but your own body posture is the central theme of this class. Besides that, you’ll use a special breathing technique: SIP. This way of breathing ensures that you activate the your spine and waist, so that you don’t collapse. Self-massage and brain training are also part of the workout. That’s right, wonder workout represent.

Owner Janna’s tip

“Put on comfy and warm clothes. Perhaps bring an extra sweater and socks.” Well Janna, you had us at ‘comfy clothes’.