Working out with a hangover. We can’t really blame you for not being quite the enthusiast about the whole idea. You’re dehydrated already and you don’t really have to move today to sweat like a pig. But what if we told you a nice, light workout could solve all of your hangover-related problems? And if not, then really, what’s the worst that could happen? Here’s a few hangover-friendly OneFit workouts to get you going again!

Disco workout at DPFC Gym & Dance in Rotterdam

At DPFC you can keep on dancing forever or just as long as you please. With those catchy 60s, 70s and 80s tunes your ass will practically move itself.

‘Ouderwets gymmen’ at Apenkooigym in Utrecht

Doesn’t it sound nice to let loose for a little? There’s no thinking about tomorrow with yesterday’s dried out hangover-brains when you’re playing at Apenkooigym. Romp around for a little and beat that hangover!

Secret sauna at Spa Zuiver in Amsterdam

Hit the gym area of Spa Zuiver for an easy routine of low-key fitness machines just to sweat out those last bits of alcohol at the sauna a few minutes after. Rather not cheat? Then you could take a hot flow yoga class first.

Beach Fitness at Live PT Beach Fitness in The Hague

Ok, we lied. This might not be the most hangover-friendly workout in the world, but the windy outdoors and the salty water will lighten your cranky hangover-mood for sure.

Skinny dipping at the Brediusbad in Amsterdam

Soon: spoil your entire (wink, wink) body and indulge yourself in the nicely temperatured water of this outside pool. Back and forth a few times, and we’ll promise you: you’ll be brought back to life. Check OneFit for the latest updates on this location.

Chill & flow yoga at Samudra Yoga & More in The Hague

A workout named like that has to be perfect for treating the ‘shaky-legs’ syndrome yesterday brought you. One class of Chill & Flow Yoga and you’re totally balanced again.

Kundalini yoga at Yoga Point in Utrecht

Kundalini equals life energy and you’re probably heavily in need of that right now. The special breathing techniques that are being used, will make you feel like a newborn. Bye toxins, hello oxygen boost!

Good old lap swimming at the Van Maanenbad in Rotterdam

After a night of too much fun, there’s nothing as nice as some relaxation in the water. Why wouldn’t you go for a good round of old-school lap swimming? You decide your own pace, so just be nice to yourself.