A-level workouts for men in Amsterdam

Play soccer at FC Urban

The manliest sport of all-time is of course soccer (at least in Europe). Did you know you can play soccer with OneFit too? No weekly training or yearly contributions. You can just sign up for a game via OneFit whenever you feel like it and you are ready to go.

Play golf at Golfschool Fairway

At Golfschool Fairway your golfing skills will go through the roof because the one and only Pieter Kramer is your teacher. His lessons are varied and the theme of the class is different every time. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, it doesn’t matter. The goal is to get better!

Rough and robust in Rotterdam

Spartaan Circuit at Spartaan Circuit

Yusuf of Spartaan Circuit will give you the commando/bootcamp experience you never had before. Ropes, tires, sledgehammers – think of a manly item and it will be in your Spartaan Circuit workout.

Bootcamp at Outdoor Valley Fitness

Time to release the little boy (or girl) in yourself, because during the bootcamps from Outdoor Valley Fitness you’ll be dodging branches, jumping tree trunks and climbing ropes. And last but not least: the rough survival terrain is fully completing the testosterone party.

Do it different in The Hague

Obstacle Run Training at BOK (Bootcamp Obstacle Klub)

Spice up your running sesh at BOK to bring in that additional component. You will work several obstacles and materials which will make sure your run is never going to bore you out anymore.

Broga at StatenSport

Go to StatenSport in The Hague for a class of yoga for bro’s. Huh, but yoga is not particularly manly, right? Well, actually it is, because this form of yoga – developed by American football professional Matt Miller – is the ultimate yoga workout. A session of broga is good for your flexibility, building strength, stamina, mobility and so on.

Up your game in Utrecht

MLAB Workout at MLAB

At MLAB you will go back to your primal forces. The classes are all about MOVING, LIFTING, ACTING and BREATHING (yes, MLAB), so you’re extra conscious about your workout. Classical strength sports like weightlifting, powerlifting and bodyweight training are on the regular at MLAB, so how’s that for a masculine workout?

Boxing at Boksclub Verbon

Finally, we have this game of good old boxing for ya. Where to do that best? At Boksclub Verbon of course. The teachers are top notch, so classes are really high quality and suitable to all levels.