Oh no! This Indian summer isn’t even over yet and it’s autumn again. Not so much with the fun, but there actually are benefits to fall. You’re probably wondering how on earth dark, wet and cold weather is getting you anywhere and that’s a very normal thought. Especially when we’re talking workouts and wellness. But if we tell you that during fall nature is at its best and that you’re totally allowed to stay in and pamper yourself, then don’t you agree? If not, maybe you should read the 6 OneFit activities below – we betcha they’ll do the trick.

Workout: Heat up at Hot Yoga Place in Rotterdam

Are your feet getting colder by the day? Well, now is the moment to treat yourself to a hot yoga class at Hot Yoga Place. To warm up should not be any problem in those 40 degree Celsius rooms.

Chill: Autumn Holiday at Vitality Spa & Fitness in Amsterdam

You don’t have to go cold turkey when handling this chilly fall weather to come. It’s ok to escape reality at Vitality Spa & Fitness. The saunas alone do provide you with that holiday feel, but the real banger here is the Indoor Beachroom. With the sound of the ocean, the soft breeze and the smell of coconut oil, you’d almost forget you’re actually inside a concrete bunker somewhere in Amsterdam. Furthermore, there is the Tepidarium lounge, the Hamam and the Vitality pool, so you won’t be bored at Vitality Spa.

Workout: Nature’s calling at the outdoor bootcamps from Fitmundo @ Amsterdamse Bos

You’re all in for enjoying the dead gorgeous autumn color palette in the woods while getting in shape? Book one of the bootcamps Fitmundo is offering on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and you’re set.

Chill: Get balanced @ Heart Yoga in Utrecht

Autumn is the perfect time to work on your mental health. Why? Well, this way you’ll avoid the ever lingering winter blues. How? Take a mindful meditation class at Heart Yoga een mindful meditatie les te volgen!

Workout: Beachy herfst in Den Haag

Why wouldn’t you give the beach a chance on a pretty autumn day? Our tips: kite-surfing or supping at Kiteboardschool or surfing with Hartbeach Quicksilver Surfschool‘s gear. Finish the day with a nice coffee or hot chocolate to get your body temperature back to normal.