Wanting to know the ins and outs? What’s gonna happen to your membership? Precisely how can you workout indoors whilst abiding by corona regulations, you ask? Read on.

Safety first!

  • From July 1st, indoor sports are allowed again. Our gyms and studios can reopen!
  • All sports, contact sports, and target groups are allowed again. Hellooo bouldering!
  • If you’re over 18, the 1,5m rule still applies outside of actually doing sports.
  • Showers and changing rooms are open again, but you’ve got to keep distance. This kind of applied pre-corona time anyway, right?
  • If you have any health complaints, stay at home and rest. 
  • Wash your hands often, avoid crowded places.

Attending a class indoors?

  • Our partners will keep their studios pristine and sparkling clean for you.
  • Double-check the class or studio description for any extra measures and whether or not you need to bring your own materials.
  • To keep locations hygienic, shower when you get back home.
  • Bring your own water bottle & towel.
  • If you have any health complaints, stay at home and rest. Take one of our online classes!

For more information, please check the RIVM website.

Ooh! What about my favourite studio?

We know you’re curious about where you can work out again with OneFit come 1st July. We get it. So we’ve written a lovely list with all of our locations in a blog post overview here.

Reactivate now with a discount!

Become a member now or reactivate your membership in June and get a discount of up to €20! 

Say whaaaaat? If you reactivate your membership BEFORE July 1st, you pay €24.95 for OneFit Lite and €44.95 for OneFit Original for the following 30-day period. 

Reactivation is super easy: simply download the app and do it via Membership Settings. Here’s all the information.

Let’s get back to sports