But did you know dancing is actually one of the best things you can treat your body with? Long story short: you’re a super healthy mofo if you’re going to ADE. Good for you! Find out below why dancing is the best thing ever. After reading all of the perks you’ll probably want to go bust a move, so we’ve got a few OneFit dancing workout tips for you as well.

Dancing makes you happy

They don’t say ‘dancing your troubles away’ for nothing. Dancing makes life more fun in general by all the serotonin and endorphins you’re setting free. The effect is even bigger when you make a social event out of your dance workout.

Dancing does it all

If you do a bit of dancing on the regular, than you already know its big benefits. Dancing has a great impact on your cardiovascular and muscular stamina, flexibility, posture and muscle strength. Like, whut?

Dancing trains all your muscles

You’re moving around a lot while you’re dancing, so is it a big surprise you’re basically training all your muscles during a dance workout? Not really. Does that make all the benefits of dancing less attractive? Negative again.

Dancing is not a workout

Well, it is, actually. But then again, it’s not. While you’re dancing you’re burning a shitload of calories, so you’re working out without a doubt, but somehow it just doesn’t feel like it. Why not? Because dancing is the perfect way to express yourself, to let go of everything and – most importantly – to have a whole lot of fun. The benefits of that? Chances are you’re more capable of sticking to your workout routine and the duration of your workout will probably be longer too.

Dance workouts to try

Amsterdam: Keep on moving to that house music at House dance @ Mirror Centre.

Rotterdam: Done with all those techno-moves? For a little more variation you go to burlesque, modern, or African dance at DA Dance Studio.

The Hague: For an all-round dance class with elements of jazz, street dance, ballet, salsa, samba and soca you go to the Dance Mix Adults workout by Dance & Showbizz Academy

Utrecht: Dance to hits from the present and the past during a city jam class at Touchee Dance Company. So much fun!