Bounce to the beat

Vélo brings spinning to a whole other level during ‘V45’. Easy morning workout? No f*cking way. This is hard work. Just managing the expectations, you know. High intensity training it is! But of course, all levels can join. You’ll be rolling on the best beats and your favourite tunes to make sure you enjoy yourself. You get it: they’re taking our OneFit motto ‘sweat & joy’ very serious here. Afterwards, you’ll feel happy, healthy and ready for the rest of the day. Who said the bike ride from Amsterdam East to West was hard? Well, after this workout we know it won’t be you!

Early bird; yes or no?

Well, some practical info then. You’re welcome to join the Vélo V45 workout every morning from Monday till Friday at 7:00. Make sure you arrive 15 minutes in advance so the staff can help you with the right pair of shoes and get your bike ready. Were you thinking: íééh, 7:00??? Ha, not so early birdy after all. No worries, the lazy people (just kidding) can also join V45 workouts at 8:00 and 9:00 AM. Pfew!

Velo V45